yourself on your wedding day before you walk down the aisle. Imagine that you’re leisurely getting ready, sipping champagne, surrounded by your loved ones, enjoying the last single moments of your life. You know everything is taken care of. The centerpieces are set, the candles are lit, the cake has arrived, the music is cued up for your anticipated entrance, your bridal party knows exactly when to walk down the aisle, your partner is anxiously awaiting your arrival. You stop and take a deep breath before all eyes are on you. Your only goal is to marry the love of your life.
You are living these moments.

Allow me to be there for you as your wedding planning partner, your wedding planning fairy that magically makes all the s**t happen. Your wedding is an experience, an experience for everyone you’re sharing it with. You deserve to look back on this day and relive the love and fun that was shared. Enjoy the entire process! I will be in your corner every step of the way and will fiercely fight for your wedding day vision.

Wedding planning and design packages are customized especially for you and will depend on what your wild heart desires.

CONTACT ME, I’m excited to talk to you about your wedding! I could talk with you about your wedding all day… even your BFF doesn’t want to do that.

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